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Tuesday, 21 April 2020 15:18

Barnet lockdown: windows boarded up

Protective wooden boarding has been installed across the art deco windows of the Barnet Everyman -- a sure sign that a trip to the cinema is out of the question for weeks, if not months to come. At the front of the building, in place of the daily programme of films, there is a bold message of praise for front line staff tackling the coronavirus pandemic. "Barnet Hospital and local key workers: You are amazing."
Less than six months after its official opening the Noah's Ark Children's Hospice in Byng Road, Barnet, is facing a financial crisis following a dramatic collapse in donations due to the cancellation of fund-raising events and activities during the coronavirus lockdown.  Hospices across the country are reporting a catastrophic drop in income. Noah's Ark is facing a shortfall of more than £2 million, more than half its annual target of £3.5 million obtained through gifts and donations. 
High Barnet volunteers who love to sew are joining the nationwide effort to produce protective clothing for hospital and care home staff tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Scrubs -- the pyjama-style clothes worn by medics -- face masks and laundry bags are among the items being sent to a hub in Kentish Town which then offers additional supplies to hospitals, care homes and hospices across north and north-west London.
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