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Since its inception in the 1940s, The Barnet Society has organised a variety of events to stimulate, educate, agitate and entertain its Members.

We hold a series of talks, walks, and visits throughout the year, as well as a regular question-and-answer session with the MP for


Chipping Barnet and an AGM in May or June.

The Society is also prepared to help publicise events organised by local groups and organisations.

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Battlefields Society Meeting
25.11.2017 10.30 h
St John's the Baptist - Barnet


Battlefields Society Meeting

battle of barnetBarnet 1471 Battlefields Society

This is the first event of the Barnet 1471 Battlefields Society working in partnership with the Battle of Barnet Project

Please join us for afternoon tea and for talks by Mike Ingram and Nathen Amin including a few stallholders and reenactment by the Medieval Siege Society.

Our Patron Mike Ingram who is a renown Historian, author and lecturers aswell as one of the founders of Northampton Battlefields Society is very passionate about the medieval period, and the history of his own county - Northamptonshire with many years experience, an MA in history from the University of Birmingham and qualified to teach history in adult education.


He Will be talking to us about Overmighty Subjects, this talk looks at the numerous rivalries and private wars before and at the beginning of the Wars of the Roses especially the Nevilles and Percies, Nevilles and Woodvilles, Courtneys and Bonvilles, Berkleys and Lisles

Nathen Amin, author and founder of the Henry Tudor Society will be talking to us about his latest book The House of Beaufort, the bastard line that captured the crown.

This book will uncover the rise of the Beauforts from bastard stock of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, to respected companions of their cousin Henry V, celebrated victor of Agincourt.

The Beauforts fell with the House of Lancaster during the 1460s and 1470s, and their hopes and fortunes came to rest upon the shoulders of a teenage widow named Margaret and her young son, Henry.

From her would rise the House of Tudor, the most famous of all England’s royal houses and a dynasty who owed their crown to their forebears, the House of Beaufort.

From bastards to princes, the Beauforts are medieval England’s most intriguing family.”

Stallholders include the Battle of Barnet Project, Battlefields Trust, Barnet 1471 Battlefields Society and local traders.


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