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The Power of the Petticoat
06.05.2017 10.30 h - 15.00 h


The Power of the Petticoat

anne stottAnne Stott

The Power of the Petticoat: The history of women in politics 1700 – 1930

This course will headline women in the 18th Century – patronage, canvassing and other political roles, the beginnings of the suffrage movement, how the vote was won and the first woman cabinet minister.

Her books include “Hannah More: The First Victorian” and “Wilberforce: Family and Friends”.

She is married to Professor Philip Stott, an environmental scientist and regular BBC broadcaster

Hope Corner Community Centre
Mays Lane 185 Mays Lane, EN5 2DY


from 10.30 am to 3.00 pm including coffee and lunch breaks.

For further information and to enrol, contact: or call Margaret 020 8368 0159 or Vivienne 020 8445 1709.